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            C/V Central Overview

            Customer / Vendor Central

            Customer / Vendor Central is your one-stop shop for everything you need when completing business related tasks. Our Customer / Vendor Central brings together the relationship you have with customers and vendors in one easily managed page. Here are a few things you can do here :
            • Instantly tell whether a company is a customer, a vendor or both by the indicator column next to the name.
            • See the current balance, payment terms and any custom fields you have created.
            • View every invoice, order, payment or receipt in the right pane for each company.
            • Initiate invoices, orders, payments or receipts by clicking the Create above the transaction documents.
            • Export the lists to excel.
            • Create a new customer or vendor by clicking the Create button.
            • Enable / Disable Companies.

            Most Accounting applications treat Customers and Vendors like they were from alternate universes. But what happens when that vendor becomes a customer?

            AccountingSuite™ allows your customers to be vendors and your vendors to be customers. One business contact that can handle both roles.

            Updated: 17 Apr 2019 05:33 AM
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