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            Creating a Customer or Vendor

            Creating Customer / Vendor

            Follow the instructions below to create a new Customer / Vendor :
            1. Navigate to Customer / Vendor Central from the Quick Menu.
            2. Click Create.
            3. Enter Company Name.
            4. Check Customer and/or Vendor. (at least one is required)
            5. Click on the Financials tab and enter Payment TermsDefault Sales AccountDefault Expense AccountAccounts Receivable accountAccounts Payable AccountPrice Level,  SalespersonDwolla email. (optional)
            6. Click the Credit Card tab to Register the Customer’s card in Stripe.
            7. Click the Notes tab to enter notes about this Customer / Vendor.
            8. Click the 1099 tab (only available if Vendor type has been chosen.
            9. Check the box next to 1099 if this Vendor is a 1099 Vendor.
            10. Choose the Federal ID Type (Tax Identification Number, or TIN) (optional, SSN for Social Security Number or EIN for Employer Identification Number)
            11. Enter the Federal ID Number (optional).
            12. Click Save.
            13. Click Addresses / Contacts.
            14. For each Address / Contact for this Company:
            15. Enter an Address / Contact Code (up to 25 alphanumeric characters)
            16. Enter the Email address.
            17. Enter a Remit To: person.
            18. Check the Default Shipping and / or Default Billing checkboxes, if applicable.
            19. Enter the Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, City, State, Country and Zip fields (optional) .
            20. Click the Contact Tab.
            21. Enter the Salutation, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Phone, Cell, Fax, Job Title, Salesperson (optional).
            22. Add any Notes for this Address / Customer.
            23. Click Save.
            24. Click Save and Close.

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