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            Document Views

            List View

            The view lists all of the documents (for example, Cash Receipts) that have been created of that docuement type.  
            1. The list may be filtered by any field by using the Configure List option in Settings.
            2. Filtering may be also accomplished by right-clicking a field in the list and choosing "Filter by <field value>"
            3. Columns in the list may be customized using the Customize Form option in the Settings.
            4. Using the search box in the upper right-hand column, search for a value in any column will return the rows with that value.

            Bill Payments List
             A list of bill payments in the system.

            The Individual Document View

            The individual document view is where the document is created, edited, and posted. In addition, many other operations are available here - emailing the document, generating the next document in the workflow, printing among others.

            A Sales Invoice Document.

            The Split View

            View any two open tabs by using the split view tool, located in the upper right-hand row of buttons.

            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 09:27 AM
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