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            Emailing Documents from C/V Central

            Emailing Documents

            It costs a business about $7.10 per to process a paper check. Consider the cost of paper, ink, postage and time spent in completing this manual task. With our Customer / Vendor Central, these tasks may be done electronically with a huge decrease in cost and time spent. Simply Email the order or invoice, accept or make payment online and spend the time saved on the real reason you are in business – doing what it is you do best – providing your product or service to your customers.

            Emailing Documents to Customers or Vendors

            1. Navigate to Quick Menu → Customer / Vendor Central.
            2. Highlight the Customer or Vendor in the left pane for which you’d like to send the document.
            3. In the right pane, double click the document to send.
            4. The document will open. Click the Email button. In the email dialog box, the To: field will populate from the customer record. Change it or add additional emails separated by commas if needed.
            5. Add any CC’s if desired.
            6. Add a message to be displayed in the body of the email.
            7. Click Send.

            Selecting a Document on C/V Central

            Click Email button to email the selected document

            Email preview

            Updated: 17 Apr 2019 05:25 AM
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