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            Getting Started Steps


            AccountingSuite™ is a powerful, all-in-one business application that combines accounting, cloud banking, order management, inventory, project and time tracking into one cloud-driven platform.

            Cool! Power in the cloud. So where do I get started?

            This guide will assist you getting the software set up for your business and point you in the right direction for learning resources and assistance with the software. Feel free to schedule some time with us if you wish to have a member from our Getting Started team assist you during the setup. Click here to schedule a session with our team. Let’s go!

            WalkMe Extension

            New! Download our Getting Started Assistant (WalkMe) which will walk *you* through setting up the software.

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            STEP 1 : Setup Chart of Accounts

            AccountingSuite™ comes with a standard Chart of Accounts. You may add, remove or change these to suit your needs. If you have questions about the accounts that are appropriate for your company, speak with your CPA or someone on our bookkeeping staff.

            Setting up Chart of Accounts

            Click this LINK for more information on setting up Chart of Accounts.

            STEP 2 : Settings

            In this step you will learn how to enter company information, choose the features you will be using in settings, set up lists and customize print forms. Finally you will learn how to create users.

            Company Information and Setting configuration screen

            Click HERE to learn more about Settings.

              Schedule Live Help for The Basics

            STEP 3 : Connect Your Accounts to Cloud Banking

            With our innovative Cloud Banking module, transactions automatically flow into AccountingSuite™ on a daily basis, saving users countless hours in data-entry time. In this step we will connect the bank accounts to AccountingSuite™ and ensure the transactions are flowing properly and learn how to enable/disable automatic categorization.

            Connecting a bank account to Cloud Banking

            Know more about Cloud Banking HERE.

              Schedule Live Help for Cloud Banking  

            STEP 4 : Setup or Import Vendors

            In this step, you will create Vendors in AccountingSuite™. If you have vendors from a previous software, you may send us a spreadsheet we will import them for you at no charge.

              Schedule Live Help for Vendor Import or Setup

            STEP 5 : Setup or Import Customers

            Now we’ll create Customers in AccountingSuite™. Alternatively, send us a spreadsheet from your old accounting package and we will import them for you at no charge.

            The AccountingSuite™ Customer / Vendor Central

              Schedule Live Help for Importing Customers

            STEP 6 : Setup Products and Services

            Create inventory items and services or we’ll assist with importing your existing list from your old accounting software.

            Inventory Items

              Schedule Live Help to Import / Create Items

            STEP 7 : Setup Document Numbering

            In this step, you can adjust your document numbering settings so that our automatic system begins on your preferred number.

            Document Numbering

            Data Import Tool

            The Data Import Tool. Tool that AccountingSuite™ uses to import data
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