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            Getting Started with Cloud Banking

            Getting Started with Cloud Banking

            bank_building_business_courthouse_economy_finance_investment_loan_management_office-512AccountingSuite™ connects you to thousands of banks and credit card companies in the cloud eliminating the time-consuming task of entering transactions manually.

            Click to accept a transaction rather than entering it in manually. Verify the categorization of a transaction to teach AccountingSuite™ to categorize it the next time automatically. Instantly verify your balances. These are just a few of the time-saving tasks that you’ll enjoy when connecting your accounts using Cloud Banking.

            Connecting Accounts

            1. Navigate to Bank → Cloud Banking
            2. Click Add Account on the right hand side of the screen.
            3. Choose the Bank from the drop-down menu.
            4. After selecting your bank, click Proceed button.
            5. Enter the credentials you use when logging on to online banking with your bank.
            6. Click Proceed. A list of accounts will appear.
            7. Un-check any accounts that you wish to exclude from cloud banking.
            8. For each bank, choose a General Ledger account for each bank account that is being added. If a general ledger account does not exist, choose Create New G/L Account.
            9. Click Proceed. The accounts will be added and transactions for up to 90 days will be added for each account.

            Connecting a bank account to Cloud Banking

            Disconnecting Accounts

            An online account may be reverted to an offline account if needed. This may be done by opening up the bank detail window (click on the double box next to the bank name drop-down list) and clicking on the Disconnect tab. The Disconnect link will take the bank offline. At this time transactions may be manually imported.

            Disconnecting a bank account on Cloud Banking

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