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            How to format documents in C/V Central

            Formatting Documents

            You can format any of the text is the Customer / Vendor Central to suit your needs. For example, Bold all of companies that are Vendors or highlight balances in red.

            To format items on the right side:

            1. Click More Actions menu on the right hand side of C/V Central.
            2. Choose Configure List (see screenshot below).
            3. Choose Conditional Formatting tab. (2)
            4. Click Add to add a formatting rule. (3)
            5. Click Appearance tab.
            6. Set the desired formatting by check the checkbox (8) and choosing formatting options. (9,10)
            7. Click Ok. (11)
            8. Click the Condition tab.
            9. Set up the conditions by clicking a field (4) on the left and then adding an operator (5) and value. (6)
            10. Click the Formatted Fields tab.
            11. Choose the fields that you would like to have formatted when the condition is met.  If you leave this tab blank, all fields will have the format.
            12. Click Ok.
            13. Click Finish Editing.

            In the example screenshots below, we used the following example: "When the document type is Cash Receipt, make the color of the text of all the fields blue."

            Formatting the C/V Central

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