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            How to process Cloud Commerce Orders when new addresses are found.

            Sometimes when Adding a new order in Cloud Commerce the address will be different than what is in AccountingSuite.   In this case, the system will ask if you want to add a new address or update an existing address. See the figure below for instructions on how to process this.

            1. This is the AccountingSuite™ customer that will receive the new or updated address.
            2. There will be a tab for each new address found. In this example there is one tab which means one new address to process.
            3. Choose Add New to add a new address or Update existing (1) to update an address that is already associated with the  AccountingSuite™ customer. The (1) is in reference to how many addresses the customer currently has in AccountingSuite™.
            4. This shows the list of existing addresses. Click the one you want to update. This will not show if you are adding a new address.
            5. For each red exclamation point, click the field that has the value that you want to use when updating. The red exclamation point will appear when the fields coming in have a different value that the existing field in AccountingSuite™. In this example AccountingSuite™ needs to know if you want to use Primary or Samantha Fish as the address label and if you want to use Samantha Fish or Samantha as the first name.
            6. The pencil icon allows you to edit the field's value manually. You might want to update the last name to Fish in this example.
            7. Click Update Address #1 (or Add New if adding) once you have completed the edits.

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