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            Income Statement Report

            Income Statement Report

            AccountingSuite’s Income Statement Report is designed with Accounting standards in mind. The report shows how income and expenses are incurred (both operating and non-operating) over a given time period. AccountingSuite includes reports for both cash basis and accrual accounting may be run with or without transaction detail.

            To create an Income Statement:

            1. Navigate to Reports → Accounting → Income Statement (cash basis) or Income Statement (accrual basis)
            2. Choose an Option from the drop-down. Total will return one column with a total for the given time period. If the time period is spans years, choosing Years will subtotal each year with a total column at the end.   Quarters breaks down the numbers in 3 month spans. The report may also be broken down by Weeks or Days as well as Customers or Vendors.
            3. Choose a time period from the drop-down menu or enter custom dates in the From and To fields.
            4. Click Run Report.

            The sample shown below was run with the Total option chosen and the period of Last Year.

            Accrual Basis Income Statement

            Income Statement Report

            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 07:15 AM
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