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            Logging in and out of AccountingSuite™

            Logging in to AccountingSuite™

            There are two methods of logging in,

            Method 1:
            1. Access the login screen:
            2. Type in your Username (email address) and your Password.
            3. Click Login.
            - OR -

            Method 2:
            1. Access the login screen:
            2. Click on one of the social links (Facebook, LinkedIn or Google).

            Logging in to AccountingSuite™ Login Page

            • The ID used for AccountingSuite™ is the email address that was provided when the account was set up. If you used our free trial, it is the same one provided upon signup. If you cannot remember the email address that was used, please contact our support team.
            • Check the box labeled “Save my email address” and the next time you visit this page, the email address will be filled in for you.
            • If you cannot remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link.

            Logging out of AccountingSuite™

            To log out, choose File → Exit.

            Logging out of AccountingSuite™

            Using Chrome Extension

            You can login to AccountingSuite™ with only 1 click using Accountingsuite™ Chrome Extension. Check video below.

            Click this link to install the extension → AccountingSuite™ Extension

            Adding the Chrome Shortcut

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