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            Money Movement in AccountingSuite™️

            Receive Payments
            (Cash Receipts)
            Make Payments
            (Bill Payments, Payments)
            Paypal tx fees only
            Quick Menu → Settings → Beta Preview

            .80%, capped at $5
            Quick Menu → Settings → Integrations → Stripe
            Stripe (Credit Card)

            2.9% + .30
            Quick Menu → Settings → Integrations → Stripe

            $1.00 per check
            Quick Menu → Settings → Beta Preview


            In AccountingSuite™️ the term payment refers to money movement on the Purchases side - either via a Payment or a Bill Payment (the difference being that Bill Payments have associated Bills while Payments do not).   Receipts refer to money coming in from our customers, either as a Cash Receipt from an Invoice or a Cash Sale. AccountingSuite™️ has various ways to move money from within the software that are summarized in the table above.  Detailed instructions on the setup and use of these services is below.


            With the Paypal Integration you can make payments or take receipts from your Paypal account from within the software.

            Setup :

            In order to integrate Paypal with AccountingSuite™️ you must first have a Paypal account. Set one up at It must be a business account in order to take advantage fully of the integration. Once you have an account you may proceed.
            1. Login to your Paypal account.
            2. Navigate to Quick Menu → Settings → Beta Preview → Paypal.
            3. Click the Paypal logo.
            4. Agree to the integration and close the pop-up window.
            5. Indicate the accounts that you'd like to use in the provided fields.

            Usage :

            Making Payments

            1. Ensure that the vendor you are paying has a Paypal address entered on the Company card.
            2. Create a Bill Payment or a Bill.
            3. Click Pay with and choose Paypal.
            4. Post and Close.  The payment will be processed automatically.

            Cash Receipts

            Send a Sales Invoice or a Cash Receipt to your customer. In the email that they receive, there is a Make Payment button. When the customer clicks the button, the will be asked for the amount of their payment and then will be presented with choices for payment.  Paypal will be in the list. AccountingSuite™️ will send a Cash Receipt to the customer automatically.



            Credit Card


            Updated: 17 Apr 2019 02:45 AM
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