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            Projects / Jobs

            projectsThe Projects/Jobs module allow the user to group transactions in the system for the purposes of reporting and tracking.  Usually, a project/job is created for a short term grouping need. For grouping transactions for a more permanent purpose, see classes.

            To add a project to a document for tracking purposes, it must first be created and associated with a customer.  Each project may have one customer but one customer may have many projects.

            Adding Projects / Jobs

            1. Navigate to Project/Time → Project / Jobs
            2. Click Create.
            3. Enter the Project / Job Name.
            4. Choose the Customer associated with the Project / Job. You may add a Customer / Vendor if needed by clicking the plus icon on the right.
            5. Choose a Project Type (Time and Materials or Fixed).
            6.  In the project Status field, choose Active.
            7. Optionally, enter budget amounts for Income, Expense and Hours.
            8. Click Save to Save the Project / Job or Save and Close to finish.

            Adding Projects / Jobs

            The Project Profitability Matrix gives an overview of all projects and their profit/loss status. The list shows both actual and budgeted figures, allowing a project manager to easily see the state of active projects.

            Tips and Tricks

            From the Project list view, you may also view all transactions associated with a project by highlighting a line and clicking the Transactions button.  All transactions that have been tagged with that project will appear in the list.

            • Clicking on Transactions w/o Project will list all the transaction from the chosen customer that have not yet been tagged with a project. This helps ensure that nothing is missed during record keeping.
            • To easily find a project/job, click the Find button, choose a field to search on and type a search phrase.
            • Any list that has been generated using the methods described above is available to export to excel.

            Other useful functions may be found in the More Menu.

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