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            Recurring Templates

            recurringtemplateRecurring Templates are ”copies” of existing documents that are automatically generated by the system at regular time intervals. They are available in Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Bills.

            Creating a Recurring Template

            1. Go to the individual view for the document that will become a recurring template.
            2. Click on the Accounting tab.
            3. Click Recurring Templates. The recurring template dialog box will appear.

            The box at the top contains a description of the action that will take place once the options have been chosen.

            4. Selecting an Action.

            Click the Generate tab to set the action to Generate. Choose whether to generate a draft or to generate and post.    The number of days in advance to generate the document may also be set.

            To set the action to put a reminder in the notifications box1 on the start page, choose the Remind tab and enter the number of days in advance for the reminder.

            The template may be saved for future use by clicking the Save tab. The template will not be created on the recurring schedule if this tab is chosen.

            5. Selecting an Interval

            This allows the user to set the time interval between executions of the template action. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly intervals may be chosen. Other options will be present upon choosing the interval tab.

            6. Selecting the Range.

            Set the start date for the recurrence and a stop date. Optionally choose to stop after a certain number of executions or to not stop.

            7. Review the Execution Script

            At the top of the dialog box, review the script description to ensure the recurring action is correct.

            8. Click Save and Close.

            Updated: 16 May 2018 06:50 AM
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