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            Running Reports

            Running Reports

            Reports in AccountingSuite™ are located in the Reports menu. They are broken down by module and are available in the menu for modules included in your edition of AccountingSuite™.

            Common Features Across Reports

            Export to Excel – Click the Export to Excel button to save the report in spreadsheet format.

            Print – Print to a printer with the Print Button.

            Settings – contains options for filtering and grouping. Each report has a different set of options that are specific to that report.   Note:  This button does not exist on all reports. Some reports have a Setup Report button (see below).

            Setup Report – Contains additional options for filtering, adding headers and footers. These items may differ depending on the report.  Note: Not all reports have this button. Some reports have a Settings button (see above)

            Report / Graph toggle – select reports have a Report / Graph toggle button that allows for graphical or tabular data displays.

            Drill down – right click an amount, company or other field and choose drill down to see the transactions or entries related to the cell that was clicked.  For example, clicking a total in a Sales Report will drill down to the transactions that make up the total.

            To run a report :

            1. Navigate to the appropriate module in the Reports module and choose the report to run.
            2. Choose a time range in the Period dropdown (if applicable). For custom date ranges, choose Custom and enter Start and End dates. Note: This setting differs per report. Some have a date range, others a single date and other a period selection.
            3. Click Settings or Report Setup and choose report filtering needed.
            4. Click Run Report.
            5. Export to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button. (optional)
            6. Print by clicking the Print button. (optional)
            Report Options
            Common features common to all reports

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