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            Time-tracking allows the users of AccountingSuite™ to log hours against a project. The tasks are items,  just items that aren’t tracked in inventory. They are known as service items.

            In order to track time, the following tasks must be complete:

            Tracking Time

            1. Navigate to Projects / Timetracking → Timetracking.
            2. Click Create.
            3. The logged in user pre-fills in the User field. Change if needed.
            4. Choose a Customer from the drop-down list.
            5. Choose a Class. (optional)
            6. Choose a Task.
            7. The Hourly Rate is populated from the item record. Change if needed.
            8. Enter the Hours.
            9. Check the Billable checkbox if you wish to include this time on a future invoice and to appear in the costs on reports.
            10. Type a Description to appear on the invoice.

            If there is an existing sales order for this work, you may click the Link Sales Order button. A list of open sales order will be listed in a popup. Choose the Sales Order and click Save.

            From the Timetracking List view, click the Multi-entry to enter multiple lines against the same project / customer.  Enter the User, Customer Project, Class, Task and Price once and click Add to enter  multiple Dates, Hours and Descriptions. Click Create Entries to create.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 02:52 AM
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