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            Troubleshooting Cloud Banking connection issues

            Getting Error Message

            If you're getting an error message like "Our apologies, but we can't refresh your bank account at the moment. Please, try to repeat the operation after a while." or "Operation failed. Try to repeat the operation after a while." when getting to your bank account on Cloud Banking, you might need to manually refresh the connection of your bank account or re-enter your credentials, the following steps below are the troubleshooting steps that you can do to resolved the Cloud Banking connection issue.

            Cloud Banking error messages

            Login to your Bank Website

            First thing to do before doing any troubleshooting in AccountingSuite™ is to make sure that you can login your account to your bank website to verify that there's no issue with your bank account. If you're able to login, that means there's no issue with your account and troubleshooting needs to be done in AccountingSuite™ to resolve the issue.

            If you're not able to login your bank account, you need to contact your bank customer service.

            Manual Refresh your Connection

            Usually Cloud Banking refreshes itself automatically, but if getting an error message, manual refresh is needed.

            To manually refresh your bank connection,
            1. Navigate to Bank Module → Cloud Banking.
            2. Click the Refresh button icon on the upper right hand of the screen.

            The manual refresh button

            Re-enter your Credentials

            If manually refreshing your account didn't work, another troubleshooting you can do is to re-enter your credentials.

            You can re-enter your credentials by:
            1. Navigating to Bank → Cloud Banking.
            2. Click the double box beside the Account field.

            3. Click Online tab → click Edit Sign-In info button.
            4. Type in your credentials → click Proceed.

            Re-entering credentials by clicking Edit sign-in info button

            Disconnect-Reconnect your Bank

            If troubleshooting steps above didn't work, last thing to do is to disconnect your bank account and reconnect.

            1. Disconnect your bank account by going to Bank → Cloud Banking.
            2. Click the double box beside the Account field.
            3. Under the Disconnect tab, click Disconnect button.
            4. And to Re-connect, click the Connect button on the upper right hand (beside bank account status).
            5. Then Choose your bank and enter your credentials.

            Disconnecting and reconnecting bank account on Cloud Banking

            AccountingSuite™ Help and Support

            If the troubleshooting steps above didn't work, it's best to contact AccountingSuite Help and Support for assistance.
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