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            Using Multi-location

            The Multi-Location Features

            With AccountingSuite’s multi-location features, create unlimited inventory locations that may be flat or hierarchical and track inventory as wide or as detailed as is needed – from Warehouse down to Bin.

            AccountingSuite™ comes packaged with one location – the Default Warehouse – but this may be changed to another location that has been added or the default warehouse may be renamed. By default, multi-location is turned off.

            Enabling Multi-location Features

            Please note that enabling the multi-location features cannot be undone. Please ensure that you need this feature before following the instructions below:

            1. Navigate to Settings → Inventory Settings.
            2. Click the Multi-location checkbox.
            3. Click Save to save or Save and Close to finish.

            Enabling the Multi-Location Feature

            Adding New Location (At The Same Level)

            1. Navigate to Inventory → Locations.
            2. Click Create.
            3. Type the name of the location.
            4. Enter the Address Information.
            5. Click Save and Close.

            Adding New Location (As a Sub-ordinate)

            1. Navigate to Inventory → Locations.
            2. Highlight the existing location that is to be the parent.
            3. Click Create.
            4. Type the name of the location.
            5. Enter the Address Information.
            6. Click Save and Close.

            Adding a new Location

            Moving a location to another level / parent / child

            1. Navigate to Inventory → Locations.
            2. Drag the location to be moved to the new parent (if it is to remain a child location) or to Locations (if it is to be a top level location).

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