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            Income Statement Detail Report

            Income Statement Detail Report

            AccountingSuite’s Income Statement Detail Report expands upon the Income Statement Report by additionally including individual transactions that comprise the totals that are included on the report. Each section may be collapsed or expanded using the + or – buttons on the left side of the report. The report shows how income and expenses are incurred (both operating and non-operating) over a given time period. This report is available for businesses using accrual or cash based accounting practices.

            To create an Income Statement :

            1. Navigate to Reports → Accounting → Income Statement Detail 
            2. Choose a time Period (1) from the drop-down menu or choose Custom and dates in the From and To fields (2).
            3. Click Run Report. (3)

            The sample shown below was run with the period of Last Year.

            1. Period drop-down menu. Choosing a time period will auto-fill From and To date fields.
            2. From and To dates fields. If custom is chosen in Period drop-down, enter the from and to time period.
            3. Run Report button.
            4. Export to Excel. Clicking this button will download in xls format. This will export all data regardless of what is shown on the screen.
            5. Running Balance column.
            6. Expand/Collapse controls. Clicking + will expand the section and clicking  will collapse the section.


            Income Statement Detailed Report
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